Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Older paintings that were award winners

I am going to put up some of my work I have had successes with......so friends and clients who have requested them, can now see them. This painting sold at my Hutchinson show in May. It is one of my favorite places up here in Leavenworth County. I actually had 3 persons wanting to buy it, so guess I should go out there this fall and paint again.

The first painting is one of my favorites. It is done from a photo reference taken by my daughter-in-law, Jolene of my grandaughters. It definitely shows how much a younger sibling looks up to their older sibs. It is called, "Cool Toes"and is done on a special surface that I make myself. I then paint in oil paints in light washes to give the underpainting layer its color, and work soft pastels over the top.
Will add a few of my other favorites tomorrow.
Until then, happy painting and a blessed day.

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