Thursday, August 13, 2009

Red Vase Still Life
15.5 x 19.5
Pastel over oil wash on Foamie Board
This was actually the second of the "5 Object Challenge" and I was so happy with the dynamics of this piece. The small black box replaced the two boxes of the first piece and the red vase, was such a dynamic shape and color, with the soft reflections mirrored from the egg and drape. The black background has a dull green scumbled color over the black which intensifies the red of the vase even more. I had fun with this one, I must admit. I probably will matt this one with a wide , white mat and a narrow gallery frame. I am thinking about my third painting using this challenge as a spring board.
Sacrifice of Mother Egg

18 x 24"

Oil on board

This piece will be part of an exhibt centered around 5 preselected objects, on view at the Carnegie Art Center in Leavenworth, KS...Sept. 4-Sept. 30. This piece had a lot of symbolism worked into it and was a great challenge for this landscape and portrait painter. It is really about breaking the spirit of someone under the superfical pretext of having a celebration or party, while planning all the while to confront that person. In this case, there were four survivors and one victim. One survivor is hidden, but by using logic, you can find them.

Harem Scarem
Acrylic on Board
24 x 24"
Private Collection
This was one of my recent abstracts. I was told by one art teacher I should paint an abstract every week. I find myself really getting lost in the process and enjoying it a great deal. I liked this one very much, but sometimes I am overwhelmed when trying to paint from this place of raw emotion. I don't always know why I succeed with one and not another.


  1. These are some interesing and well composed paintings. The exhibit should be fasinating to view.

  2. Thanks, Becca, just now opening this one.


  3. Lynette! I LOVE this one! We must talk.... about how you 'released' your inner child!